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The PTA Before and After School Program team has put together an exciting variety of programs for the Spring Session which begins the week of April 16th!


Classes include Zumba, Basketball, Yoga, Volleyball, Yes You Can Running Program, Beginner and Intermediate Guitar classes, and the following STEAM classes:

Coding with Robotics | Brought to us by Aldrin STEAM Teacher, Ms. Jackie Wheeler

Coding is a new team sport for future tech leaders and innovators. Teams of third and fourth graders will design solutions for real-world science and technology challenges by programming Dash & Dot robots. Students will use blockly to code their robots in order to complete each challenge. They will develop problem solving and creative skills while having fun and building meaningful relationships with their peers.


Circuits and Innovations | Brought to us by Aldrin STEAM Teacher, Ms. Jackie Wheeler

Explore circuits and learn more about how things work. We will create a self-driving car, an art machine, and a security device. Then students will complete more open-ended challenges so they can hack our classroom or invent something to change the world. Students will use LittleBits, electronic building blocks that empower them to invent anything. The Bits snap together with magnets, no soldering, no wiring, no programming needed for this course. 


Spring, Sprang Sprung! Leap into Art! | Brought to us by First Marks Art Studio

Join us as we explore the many themes of spring. Using various materials and techniques we will leap into creativity to design magical spring landscapes, use model magic clay, and make other seasonal images using Monet and Van Gogh as inspiration. Your young artist will truly enjoy this hands-on and multi-medium art class presented by First Marks Art Studio. Sketch books and all supplies are included.


Crazy Creative Clay | Brought to us by Aldrin Art Teacher, Ms. Amanda Davis

This class is great for the student who wants more time creating things with clay. Students will create desserts, wall planters, mythological creatures, decorative masks, and more with clay. The class will be catered to the skill level of each student. All art supplies are included.


Math Strategies|   Brought to us by Aldrin Teacher, Ms. Jennifer Bullen 

Students will strengthen their addition and subtraction skills during this six week course. Measurement and money concepts will be included in weekly sessions too. Students will get the chance to work individually and with partners as they enjoy learning math concepts through activities, games and technology.


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