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FTC: Protecting Kids Online

Technology is constantly evolving. So are the risks associated with it. You can reduce these risks by talking to your kids about how they communicate — online and off — and encouraging them to think critically and act in a way they can be proud of.




Chatting with Kids About Being Online
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From the Healthy Minds Blog: Is Eating Together Really that Important?

Actually, yes. Family meals are a powerful tool in any parent’s or caregiver’s toolbox. Children and youth in families that regularly eat together are more likely to experience a whole host of positive outcomes. Family meals are associated with improvements in mental health and school achievement, as well as less of a likelihood of behavioral problems and other risk-taking behaviors such as using drugs or alcohol.

It can be difficult for many families to find the time for regular meals together. Work and activity schedules often pull us in many different directions. And starting and maintaining conversations with young people (especially teens) can sometimes be a major task. Check out this article from the Healthy Minds blog for resources to help




Talking to Children About Violence


In light of recent events in Florida, the National Association of School Psychologists has provided information on how best to talk to children about violence.  For more information on how to talk to your children about violence, please click here.


In addition, the National PTA has provided guidance and talking points to help guide a discussion regarding gun violence and children's safety at school.


* Gun Violence Prevention and Student Voice Talking Points for PTAs


* Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) National PTA Gun Violence Prevention Efforts


Superintendent Scott S. Brabrand Presents FCPS Budget for FY2019


Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Superintendent Scott S. Brabrand presented a $2.9 billion Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 Proposed Budget, with a focus on employee compensation, to the Fairfax County Board at its business meeting on January 11.  The FY 2019 Proposed Budget represents an increase of $118.7million, or 4.3 percent, over the FY 2018 Approved Budget.


Click Here for the FY2019 FCPS Proposed Budget

Click Here for the FY 2019 Budget Calendar

Boosting a Child's Self-Esteem


"One of the greatest gifts that a parent can give a child is a healthy self-esteem.  Positive feelings about oneself can lead to success in a gamut of situations raning from school to social circles, say child development experts."


Click Here To read more "Boosting a Child's Self-Esteem: A positive self image is a lifelong gift,".

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