PTA Board Descriptions

President: Coordinates officers and committees, presides at PTA meetings, attends PTA District and Council meetings, and works closely with the Principal. Time Commitment: Presides at monthly PTA General and Board meetings. Works with the board to determine ideal meeting timing based on board commitments -- may include some rotation between morning and evening meetings if there is flexibility.  Ideal two-year commitment including work over summer.

VP, Programs, Membership and Volunteers: Runs the annual membership campaign. Raises awareness of volunteer opportunities and needs at the school. Oversees all Staff Appreciation efforts. Time Commitment: Attends monthly PTA General and Board meetings.  Workload is heaviest at the beginning of the school year and the last few months of school.

Treasurer: Keeps permanent books of all monetary transactions and performs all duties expected of a Treasurer including reimbursements and conducting the PTA Audit. Time Commitment: Attends monthly PTA Board meetings in addition to a workload that varies.

VP, Fundraising:Oversees and helps implement committee chairs in charge of fundraisers including Book Fair, Direct Contribution Campaign, Fun Run Event (new to Aldrin in 2020), Store Incentives (Box Tops, AmazonSmile, Giant, Harris Teeter), Spirit Wear and Dining for Dollars (4x a year). Time Commitment: Attends monthly PTA Board meetings to provide all Fundraising updates. Assists with counting of money raised at conclusion of fundraising events (i.e. Book Fair). Works closely with Vice President (Memberships), and Student and Family events where there are Fundraising activities, and Treasurer to ensure all funds raised are up to date. Workload is heaviest before and during fundraiser events and activities.

VP, Communications: Oversees and helps implement the electronic communications and supports the PTA President in promoting PTA activities and programs on the website. Has access to reliable email and computer; enjoys using the computer and the internet. Time Commitment: Attends monthly PTA General and Board meetings. Workload heaviest at the beginning of the school year and weekly commitment of average of 1-2 hours per week in addition to meetings throughout the school year.

Recording Secretary: Attends and records minutes of all PTA Board meetings and maintains PTA Bulletin Board. Variable workload.

VP, Student Programs: Serves as the student program chair. Works with appropriate committee chairs to coordinate associated student programs such including Before and After School Programs (ASP), Girls on the Run, Assemblies, GRACE Art, Reflections, School Supply Kits, Science Fair, Sports Camp, Word Masters, Keyboarding and Math Olympiad. Plays a role in recruiting chairs and committee members, developing programs, promoting programs and planning for the future. Time Commitment: Attends monthly PTA General and Board Meetings. Variable workload.


* VP, Family Events: Oversees committee chairs of family events including, Kindergarten Playdates (July & August), Popsicles on the playground (September), International Walk & Bike to School (October 2, 2019 & May 6 2020), International Night (October), Family Movie Night (October), Thanksgiving Luncheon (November), Bingo Night (January), and Family Fun Dance (March). VP will manage the chairs and act as the liaison between the chairs and the PTA board. Time Commitment: Attends monthly PTA General and Board Meetings. Workload is heaviest during October.

VP, Advocacy: Serves as a Community Liaison. Attends School Board Meetings, School District Meetings in order to provide the Aldrin Community with information regarding funding and education policy in Fairfax County and VA. Provides PTA members with nformation about PTA positions on current legislation and issues. Oversees and helps implement committee Chairs in charge of Grant Writing, Community Events, Backpack Program, Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Time Commitment: Attends monthly PTA General and Board meetings.

Committee Chair Descriptions

• Dining for Dollars: Responsible for securing Dining for Dollars events (4 events per year/1 per quarter), communicating with D4$ partners to secure advertising materials, finalize dates, send reminders, and secure checks at the conclusion of the event. Chair is also responsible for creating all communications to drive awareness and attendance of events and providing event communication timeline to VP, Fundraising.  Time Commitment: 5 – 10 hours per event.

• Fun Run (New Fundraiser): Board recommends two Co-Chairs for this event. Chairs responsible for designing this event for Aldrin based on a model from another local elementary school. Specific responsibilities include marketing the event, designing event logo and t-shirts, securing sponsorship, engaging administration and teachers, facilitating bid platform, and coordinating day of logistics. Time Commitment: Pre-event work 2-4 hours per week. Busiest 1 month prior to and leading up to event (est 5-10 hours week).

Family Events
• International Night: Chair is responsible for distributing flyers, lining up presenters, setting up stamps and passports, coordinating performances (including audio setup and program), distributing poster boards to presenters, selecting event handout, day of event coordination. Board recommends two Co-Chairs for this event. Time Commitment: Pre-event work 1-2 hours per week. Busiest in October around event date.

• Thanksgiving Luncheon: Chair oversees tickets for event, coordinates volunteers to set up and decorate cafeteria, check in and greet families, serve food, and clean up. Chair will also be responsible for day of management. Time Commitment: Busiest the day of the event

• Bingo: Responsible for flyer distribution, school wide communications, soliciting donations for prizes, purchasing prizes, volunteer coordination, adapted bingo (including securing room, staff, prizes and communications), securing tables and chairs, coordinating a MC for the event, set up audio with school rep, coordinate Bingo games with Tech Specialist, Coordinate concessions for event (pizzas and drinks), day of set up and event management. Board recommends two Co-Chair for the event. Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per week four weeks prior to event, Busiest the day of the event.

• Bike/Walk to School: Oversees Bike to School, Walk to School and Crossing Guard Appreciation Day. Chair will register with VA DOT Safe Routes to school, coordinate volunteers including police officers to work crosswalks, update and distribute flyers, hang posters for events, day of event management, and complete reports of participants. Time Commitment: Busiest the morning of the event. Dates for 2019 / 2020 School Year:
o Crossing Guard Appreciation Day 2020 - February 12, 2020
o Walk to School Day 2019 – October 2, 2019
o Bike to School Day 2020 – May 6, 2020


Student Programs
• Reflections: Leads the National PTA Reflections Creativity program at Aldrin. The program is a national program in which students submit art across a number of categories reflecting the chosen theme for that year. The Chair is responsible for registering Aldrin in the National program, advertising the program within our school, collecting the art and submission forms from the students across the categories, engaging judges to select the top art from each category and then submitting that art to the Fairfax County Council of PTAs. In addition, the Chair works with the administration to host an ice cream social celebration in the Spring for all Reflections participants at Aldrin. Time Commitment: The role is busiest in late Summer/Fall during the advertising and submission period.


• School Supply Kits: Leads the PTA sponsored program that engages an outside vendor to offer pre-packaged school supply kits for Aldrin families to purchase. Responsible for working with the administration to develop grade level school supply lists and supplying those to the vendor. In addition, the Chair is responsible for advertising the program in PTA communication vehicles and coordinating delivery of the pre-purchased kits to Aldrin at the end of August. The Chair will also be responsible for coordinating the process for families to pick up the pre-purchased kits at the August Open House. Time Commitment: Busiest in the Spring during the school supply list creation and advertising, and then in late summer for coordination of delivery by the vendor and pick up of the kits.

• Science Fair/Hour of Code: Science Fair is planned in conjunction with STEAM Night and typically scheduled in April. Chair responsibilities include working with the school on date and time; coordinating with the STEAM teacher for the evening’s schedule and activities; putting together flyer and registration form; keeping track of students who sign up to participate; and coordinating with a few volunteers for the evening of the event to guide students and to pass out certificates of participation. Chair also coordinates with the Aldrin Robotics Team for their participation (demo) during the evening. Chair can also reach out to local high schools to see if students who have won at the regional science fair would be interested in displaying their project at the Aldrin Science Fair. Hour of Code takes place over 1-2 weeks in December.  Responsibilities include coordinating with STEAM teacher to have parent volunteers sign up for 30-minute to one hour shifts for each class, grade level. Time Commitment: Busiest in the spring before Science Fair.

• Sports Camp: Leads the PTA sponsored Aldrin Summer Sports Camp. The Chair will work with the Sports Camp Coordinators (Aldrin Staff) to establish the weeks for the camp, will manage advertising and registration and will advise the Aldrin coordinators. Chair also sets up registration in the online payment system. Time Commitment: Busiest in the Spring with advertising and registration and then the Chair should be available should issues arise during the weeks of camp.

• Math Olympiad: Chair leads the Math Olympiad contest program for Aldrin open to 4th - 6th graders. The chair will be responsible for helping to set up study sessions throughout the year and securing volunteers to help lead the study sessions. The Chair will also be responsible for acting as a liaison between the Teacher Sponsor and the Parent volunteers. Time Commitment: Busiest at the beginning of the year while getting the program running. Role is primarily administrative and involves coordinating and sending emails, not required to attend the study sessions.

• Wordmasters: Chair leads the Wordmasters contest program for Aldrin open to 3rd - 6th
graders. The chair is responsible for helping to set up study sessions throughout the year to support the three challenges per school year. The chair acts as a liaison between the Teacher Sponsor and the Parent Volunteers. Time Commitment: Busiest at the beginning of the year while getting the program running and during the study sessions.


* Before and After School Program: The Before and After School team is looking for another team member to work closely with the Before and After School Program Chair on the following: 1) Selection of class/programs for Fall, Winter and Spring semesters (1 hour/session); 2) Making copies of Session Program Catalog (1-2X/session) for placement in Thursday Recorders (2-3 hours/copy session); 3) Utilizing the system to communicate with families who are participating in the programs before, during and after the session (1-5 hours per week pending time) - Prior: Welcome Email with schedule; During: Class reminders (day prior) and changes to schedule due to delays, closures, etc.; After: Thank you for participation and reminder for next session.  The Spring Session is about to start and we would welcome the opportunity for the new team member to shadow the team during this session and assist with planning for the Fall session in June.


• Room Parent Coordinator: Oversee all of the room parents, ensuring we have a room parent for every class, information is disseminated in a timely manner, and annual room parent orientation meeting occurs. Time Commitment: Busiest at the beginning of the year.

• Staff Appreciation Week Coordinator: Coordinate a team of volunteers to plan and facilitate Staff Appreciation Week activities. Time Commitment: Busiest end of April and beginning of May.

• Outside Sign: Update the information on the outside marquee on a weekly basis. Time Commitment: Approximately 1 hour per week.



* Grant Writing Coordinator: Works closely with board to reasearch, compile and become familiar with potential grants.  Responsibilities include writing and submitting grant proposals on behalf of the PTA.  Time Commitment: Variable but outside of school hours.

Frequently Asked Questions About Serving

Who can serve?

Men, women, parents, grandparents, teachers, staff, and members of the community who are members of the Aldrin PTA ($10 single membership/$15 family membership) can serve as an officer or board member. You do not have to have a student at Aldrin to serve on the PTA. Good candidates for PTA officers or chairs are adults who have a willingness to ...
• Learn what the PTA's purposes and policies are and to follow them
• Reflect and embrace the diversity of the school community
• Create a climate of support and mutual respect
• Delegate responsibility
• Train and encourage new leaders
• Network with other PTAs and community groups and agencies


Why volunteer to lead?
• All PTA programs are volunteer led and run – without leadership, these programs are at risk of going away.
• PTA leadership allows you to have a seat at the table to discuss school programs and strategies with the administration.
• The PTA needs representation from all members of our diverse Aldrin community to ensure we are fully meeting the needs of the community with our programs.

What is required financially of a PTA officer or chair?
• The only financial requirement is that all officers are required to be a PTA member. Membership dues are $10/year for a single membership or $15/year for a family membership.
• What about purchasing the items needed for the activities of a particular office? Officers and chairs are reimbursed for any out-of-pocket expenses because they follow the PTA budget and work within a budgeted amount. Materials and supplies used during the course of your volunteer service are approved expenses in the PTA budget and you know ahead of time what that approved amount is.

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