Upcoming Dates!!!

May 10 - General PTA Meeting, 7p

May 12 - Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast, 8:30 am

May 19 - Middleburg Bank Open

May 30 - Student Holiday, Memorial Day

June 7 - General PTA Meeting - Elections, 7p

June 12 - Aldrin Chorus at Potomac Nationals Baseball Game

June 23 - Last Day of School; two hour early release


Would you like to play a pivotal role in Aldrin’s PTA in 2016 – 2017?

It is time to begin filling roles for NEXT year’s PTA board and chairperson roles. We have a number of ‘graduating’ parents who will not be returning to their current roles next year and others who have indicated an interest in taking on other roles. We also have two board positions that are OPEN next year. While most board members have indicated an interest in returning, this does not preclude anyone else from ‘throwing their hat’ in if interested in one of those positions. If there is more than one candidate for any of the board positions, we have an objective nominating committee in place that will help vet candidates. All board positions and responsibilities can be viewed here. The two OPEN roles are Recording Secretary and Vice President, Student Programs. If you are interested, please submit your name no later than Saturday, May 7th. The nominating committee will present their recommendation for the 2016 – 2017 slate at the May 10 PTA meeting.

The open position descriptions are as follows:


• Serves as the student program chair
• Works with appropriate committee chairs to coordinate association sponsored programs
• Plays a role in recruiting chairs and committee members, developing programs, promoting programs and planning for the future
• Performs other delegated duties as assigned
• Responsible for key chairperson roles which fall under this position; these include After School Programs (ASP), Girls on the Run, Assemblies, GRACE Art, Reflections, School Supply Kits, Science Fair, Sports Camp, Word Masters and Keyboarding


• Records the minutes of all meetings of the association
• Keeps the official copy of the local unit’s bylaws in his/her files
Maintains a membership list as required by the Virginia PTA
• Performs other delegated duties as assigned

It is recommended that anyone seeking a board position has already had the opportunity to serve as chairperson. If you are interested in either of these Board positions, please email Annmarie Swope and Tricia Hartigan.

If you are interested in taking on a role as a chairperson for a particular area, the following positions are some of the positions that may be available:

• Dining for Dollars
• Assemblies
• Room Parent Coordinator
• Teacher Appreciation Week Coordinator
• Reflections
• Sports Camp
• Grant Writing
• International Night
• Word Masters
• Inclusion & Diversity

If you are interested in open chair positions, please contact Tricia Hartigan directly.

We have a great community at Aldrin and look forward to getting another great group of volunteers to run our board and chair our key programs for the upcoming school year.



Registration OPEN!!!



Cost Per session after April 30:  $150 Half Day      $270 Full Day

***Each Camper gets an Aldrin Sports Camp T-Shirt***

***Early Drop off available at 9:00am for an additional $25 per week*** 


Sponsored by the Aldrin PTA

Register at www.aldrinsportscamp.com(registration managed by Overtime Athletic Director: Mr. Houston

Instructors: Mr. Worthington, Ms. Trowbridge, Ms. Hansen, Ms. Rosenbaum

Camp questions: Please call Mr. Houston @ 703-904-3816

Registration questions: Please contact Kate Brown at katebrown10@verizon.net

ASC CIT Job Description

Registration Form



2015 - 2016 PTA Board

President - Halé Brickhouse - president@aldrinpta.com

VP Special Programs, Membership & Volunteers - Tricia Hartigan - volunteers@aldrinpta.com

Treasurer - Malcolm Gilbreath - treasurer@aldrinpta.com

VP Fundraising - Sharon Klein - fundraising@aldrinpta.com

VP Communications - Tracey Beach - communications@aldrinpta.com

 Recording Secretary - Kate Brown - secretary@aldrinpta.com

 VP Student Programs - Manal Megahed - studentprograms@aldrinpta.com

 VP Family Events - Jennifer Johns - familyevents@aldrinpta.com

Immediate Past President - Kim Gilbreath - kim.gilbreath@verizon.net


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